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Lasting Memories

To this day, my boys still talk about how fun it was to net some big fish and spend time playing in the river. 

Eric, 42

Magnificent Fish

Jake Musick's Riverbound is superior to all others I have fished, bar none, a better variety of multiple streams combined with well over 10 miles of private water! Riverbound rules and is the real deal with trophy trout up to 20 lbs.


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Good Company

A time of peaceful and exciting comrodery with my best friends, children and grandchildren!

Mike, 73

Unspoiled Places

A sanctuary from the pressures of everyday life.

Big Cedar.HEIC


At Riverbound we seek to establish and promote our water resources as quality flyfishing destinations for all those who would share our vision of lasting memories, magnificent fish, good company and unspoiled places. All this without the burden of time, money and travel associated with exotic trips. So, here at Riverbound: catch trophy trout every day!!! On over 10 miles of private water, on 4 different creeks and rivers. No, not in Alaska, Canada, Chile, or New Zealand. Right here in Southwest Virginia! We practice catch and release only with barbless hooks. Fishing is open to the public for a fee, or join as a member of the club.  



Rainbow trout are the predominant species at Riverbound. We do have quite a few brown trout as well as a robust population of Smallmouth bass. There are few places in the world where a fly angler has a realistic chance of catching a 24” + trout. Every trout is grown from our very own fish hatchery. While regular stocking occurs, many of our private waters hold fish year round, allowing for some fish to reach more than 30 inches.


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